Barton Level-Aligned Books

These books can be read after a Barton student has completed the level or lesson indicated.


Level 2 (3-letter words, short vowels)

The Pet Vet

The Tin Can Man


(the above books are paper-only, not available on Kindle)

High Noon Books

Three of the Sound Out Chapter Books from High Noon
Books {Up the Hill, The Red Cap, The Tug) in their set of
6 books, item #8125-8.

(the above books are available as e-books on AppleBooks and Google Play)


Back to the Past

The Black Silk Path by Heather Doolittle

Bob Books

Cat and Rat

Dog on a Log Five Chapter Books 1 – by Pamela Brookes – There area a handful of sight-words not on the Barton Level 3 list; be, go, he, her, here, like, me, my, no, OK, see, sees, want, we, you

Fox Hunt

Fun in the Sun

The Gold of Black Rock Hill

Gum on the Drum

Sam is Stuck by Cigdem Knebel – A few words that bleed over into Level 4, but my beginning level 4 students had no trouble with them: bikini, cannot, finish, forget, forgot, imprint, jellyfish, siblings, Sunday, sunset, upset, visit.

Scrub the Hands

The Spelling Pen in Elf Land

The Spelling Pen – Red Obelisk

The Spelling Pen – Brass Lamp

Spring Mess

Stash the Trash by Cigdem Knebel – there are no words in this book that are not in the Level 3 book.


The Hunt for R.L.Nox by Heather Doolittle

(NOTE: The Barton System guidelines is that after the end of Level 4, students can read for pleasure. We often find that it is difficult for students to read much beyond their current Barton level and can benefit from books at are close to the Barton Levels. These books may contain “uncontrolled words” (words that Barton has not taught) but should be well within reading ability.)


The Path’s End by Heather Doolittle


Echoes of Aesop by Ellen Nicholas